Where To Rock

There is no doubt about it, Toronto is the place to be in Canada for those who love to rock. The city is the biggest in the country, with thousands making their homes in condos and other real estate throughout the boroughs and working in companies all over the GTA. Moreover, it is in close proximity to the biggest population base in the United States, as well as the centre of Canada's most densely populated region.

All of this means that Toronto is a magnet for all sorts of musical artists, from world renowned groups to indie rockers just getting their start. Every weekend, people leave their homes or offices and head out to the many concert venues in the city to catch the latest offerings from their favourite stars. Let's take a look at those venues and who you might see playing there.

The biggest concert venue in the city, and in Canada too, is the Air Canada Centre. This is the place to be if you want to see the biggest acts in music today. In fact, concerts at the Air Canada Centre always attract the biggest artists, from Coldplay to Pearl Jam and more. They play in front of almost 20,000 people, and the Centre is always setting new records. In 2008, for example, the five biggest grossing concerts of the year were held in the ACC.

Another popular venue in the Toronto area is the Molson Amphitheatre. It is only slightly smaller in capacity than the ACC, seating around 16,000 for concerts and other performances. Unlike the Air Canada Centre, the Molson Amphitheatre does not host sports teams as well. In addition, a location on the harbour means that many people prefer to come here to see shows in a less sterile atmosphere. However, an outside location and the smaller seating mean that the concert sees less artists, and smaller in terms of popularity, than the ACC.

If you like the idea of leaving your home for a night of cutting edge, college crowd type music in a smaller venue you will definitely want to check out the Mod Club. Located next to little Italy, it's a venue where any number of different indie artists and even bigger names might show up on any given night.

In terms of artistic build and location, you can't ask for more than Harbourfront Centre. Located close by, it's a good place to catch a new rock and roll act or a live play.

Sometimes these venue may be used for trade shows as well, you might see home improvement companies, showcasing fireplaces, a home inspection company or perhaps the latest in roof shingles sold at Lowe's Stores.

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