Loud Music

The most exciting events in many cities are the big time musicians and concerts hosted. That's right, not even the biggest bands get to play in the city for free (unless of course they are playing a benefit concert, then they play for free). The city's big venues come with some hefty fees, and it's all covered in the amount you pay for a ticket. But the price of a concert might be a lot more than just the dollar amount.

Before you take a taxi to the next big show, think about the last one you went to. Odds are that your ears were out of sorts for at least the next few hours, and most of us find that it takes a couple of days for the bass to quit ringing our eardrums. No doubt your mom once told you that listening to music too loudly could permanently affect your hearing, and she was absolutely right!

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A lot of people are careless with their ears when it comes to music, but that doesn't mean you have to be. There are several ways to protect your hearing while at the same time fully enjoying the music that you love.

Since we are talking about concerts, we will start there. Don't be too worried about cool when it comes to a concert. The fact is, the people in the band are the coolest people at the joint, and guess what? They are all wearing protection for their ears. That's right; some have plugs, some have plugs which double as monitors, but everyone on that stage has something to take the edge off the high and low ranges so common in a rock venue. They want to spend their retirement with their hearing still intact, and you should follow their lead and wear ear protection as well.

Concerts are not the only place in which loud music affects our hearing. Odds are that at some point in your life, you have cranked up your favourite song in your car or your home just a little bit too loudly. Do this often enough, and you could have cumulative hearing damage. Really, you don't need it much louder than audible.

And if nothing else can convince you to keep things down at home a bit, think about your neighbours. People don't need to hear the music of their neighbours all day and night, so keep it down for their sanity and your hearing.

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