Comedy Festivals

If you're looking for a fun night out one of the best options is certainly one of the many comedy clubs and festivals that operate throughout most cities each year. You could organize a night out with a group of friends or co-workers, or you could just head to a club for a great date night with that special someone. There are several different types of comedy festivals that cater to different people going on at different times throughout the year. Here are some of the most popular Toronto comedy festival options, as an example.

Just for Laughs is known as one of the largest comedy festivals in North America and brings in talent from all over the world. While the main stage festival is held in Montreal, there is a smaller festival that tours and has a stop in Toronto. Every year the festival takes place usually in July and includes shows in both English and French. If you need a night away from regular life and or always up for a good laugh, this could be the perfect outing for you.

If you frequently find yourself tuning into Saturday Night Live on the weekend than you may be interested in the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival which takes place in November. Come and escape the cold by viewing sketches by local artists and teams that come from all across the country. This festival is much like Fringe for theatre shows, as there is a huge mix of different sketch styles and venues. You could come out to see just one of the troupes and spend the weekend looking younger through laughter. The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival also hosts other events throughout the year, including a 24-hour film challenge in conjunction with Movieola.

The Toronto Improv Festival in September is another great way to see comedy geniuses at their best. This is a style of comedy where everything is made up on the spot and the show will be different every night. In the style of Who's Line is it Anyway, teams, duos and solo artists compete to be named the city's best improvisation performance. This festival started in 2002 and has now been host to more than one thousand different acts, from people who perform professional to someone who is a tradesperson by day and does improvisational comedy in their spare time.

The Toronto Comedy Festival has a top prize of $100,000 and therefore brings in some major talent every year. It's a series of live shows throughout July and you are sure to find one or two acts that make you laugh until you cry.

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