Home Theatre Systems

Not everyone is capable or even interested in going to a concert to be jostled by thousands of screaming fans and blasted by music so loud as to be indistinguishable from jet engines. Rock concerts are for people with high tolerances for crowds and loud noises. But just because you'd prefer to stay in your condo than go out to the concert doesn't mean you can't be a music lover. You can often get better sound from professionally recorded CDs or DVDs, and if you play it on a home theater system it'll sound like you're there. Here are some types of home theater you might consider.

Custom Home Theater

Custom home theaters are the creme de la creme of home viewing (or listening) experiences. With their theater style seats and massive screens, they're generally too large for a home, but you may see them installed in the very large family room areas. Custom home theater systems are set up by professional companies specifically to fit the room you have laid out and cost about as much to install as buying a brand new vehicle. If you've got the money, it's worth it, but most people just don't. Of course, if you want to go full hog and have a full custom cabinet or unit built to accommodate your system, you can look into professional custom creations.

Home Theater in a Box

There is a way for you to have a home theater system even if you can't afford a custom system. Most electronics retailers, such as Best Buy and Future Shop, sell pre-packaged audio and video components that you can set up in any home, even in the den of your home. Prices range from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the size and price of the ensemble. The quality of boxed units is inferior to custom jobs, but most ordinary people don't have sensitive enough ears and eyes to really pick up on the difference.

Media Center Computer

The crucial components of a home theater system may seem like the screen and the speakers, but actually the most complex and expensive part is the control system that channels the input. Home theaters come with control boxes, but many PCs these days are able to take on the job. Therefore if you've got a state of the art computer all you really need to have a home theater with a screen and some speakers, which are cheaper to buy separately.

Sound System

If you're an audiophile, you may want to forgo the theater part of the home theater in favor of an in-home audio system. Installed by experts, these systems features speakers in almost all rooms of the clients home and allow them to have the full concert experience while they're going about their daily chores, even if they're moving from room to room.

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