Entertainment Business

When you're watching celebrities or you're hearing figures of how much they make in a week's time it all seems very glamorous and exciting to be a member of the entertainment industry. But the truth is that there are thousands of people working in music, film, television, and theatre and hardly any of them are pulling in the eight figure salaries. If you're thinking of leaving behind your current career or are looking to apply for a post-secondary program, here are some things to think about when it comes to seeking a job in entertainment.

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While there are a rising number of films being shot in Vancouver and television shows in Toronto, the industry is not nearly as strong here as it is across the border. Where film producers in America can usually find one studio with billions of dollars at their disposal to partner for a film, a Canadian producer needs to raise every dollar themselves from personal investors. This is one of the reasons that you won't see a film photographer able to leave their job all that often for a Canadian film gig. The situation is similar when comparing theatre and music within these two countries.

Now, that's not to say that there are no opportunities or jobs within the entertainment industry in Canada. If this is something that you're passionate about and you're willing to go through the necessary training than you could one day be anything from an actor to a music producer. Because of the "dream job" nature of these professions, you're always going to have a stiff level of competition. That just means that you're going to need to go that extra mile to be the best. Hit up fitness clubs every morning before heading out to your auditions or make sure that you know about all of the new music technology.

There are some schools throughout Canada and the USA that can train you for a job in the entertainment industry. If you want to choose the right one then it should be a combination between theoretical and practical studies. Visit the campus and course selection and you might also want to check out their reputation within the entertainment community. There are certainly programs of different calibers and because the community is so small, they will know what sort of education you're getting at your chosen school. There are also many chances to intern or volunteer with entertainment companies. This is a great starting off point for someone looking into working as anything from an agent to a casting director.

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