Concerts are something everybody has in common with everybody else. Everyone likes to go to them and listen live to their favorite kinds of music, whether it be reggae or rock. You may not have musical tastes in common with your parents, you might prefer Metallica while they're fans of the Eagles, but you can regale one another with tales of singing fans or surfing crowds. So get out of your house, join the music scene, and start making memories you can share. Here are some of the types of concerts you'll find in most cities.

Big Name Extravaganzas

Toronto for example, is home to over 8 million people, and you can bet that fact enters into the head of every band or musician's event planner. Toronto is a guaranteed stop on any Canadian tour, which has given rise to massive venues like the Air Canada Center which can seat thousands of people. Canadian acts like Nickelback and Bryan Adams regularly visit the big venues along with the hottest bands of various time periods. The Stones, Elton John, and Lady GaGa have all visited or are scheduled to visit this year.

Regional Events

Some people, when they think of concerts, think only of the big name rock events like the ones above. However, don't discount regional festivals as sources of great live music. The My Mississauga summer festival from a few years ago drummed up quite a few acts and the annual Toronto WinterCity Festival features two weeks of music along with the requisite ice sculptures and snow sports. There are also smaller, more eclectic festivals, like the New Wave Composers festival, that you can attend and broaden your horizons.

Small Club Shows

How do you imagine big names like Nickelback ended up selling millions of records and drawing screaming crowds? They didn't emerge overnight, fully formed and already rock stars. They worked their way up from small shows in local clubs to huge venues. If you like to see the next big thing before they're big or just support smaller artists, try attending shows at smaller venues like the Lula Lounge or Sneaky Dee's. You never know - maybe you'll discover that you really love autoharp music or are moved to tears by the didgeridoo.

The Local Scene

Musicians and true music lovers know that to really give back to the art they love they need to support local musicians. The ones who live down the street or play out of their parents' garage. Therefore, whenever you get the chance, you should check out the bands playing at local bars and pubs, or attend youth concerts and recitals.

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