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Here at Go Machine Music, we see our website name as more of a promise than a domain. Our website was designed by music lovers for music lovers to help them make the most of their free time. If you live in the GTA, why spend your days lounging on the couch in your townhomes? Toronto is the best city in Canada for music and musicals and we can point you in the direction of the things you like to listen to. If you know what you're after - rock on! Click the tab at the top to cut to the chase. Otherwise, read below for an overview of Toronto's music scene and what you can find on this site.

And if you are in the music business, you should check out DMDS Direct, the professional way labels, artists, managers, and promoters deliver music to radio, media and other music industry pros across North America.

When you think music, what's the first thing that pops into your head? Thousands of screaming fans clamoring to get closer to the stage as their idols rock out on stage? The thumping beat of your favorite song blasting through your headphones as you clean your condo in downtown Toronto with your iPod on? That's what we think of too. We're plugged into the Toronto music scene so we know what's happening and when. We can tell you who's playing, when, where, how much the tickets will be, and when the album will be released.

As you know, however, music isn't created solely for its own sake. It's also used to help evoke emotion in visual storytelling. Everybody likes movies and everybody likes music, so a musical movie just makes sense! If you're searching the Rosedale blogs trying to find a movie with some great tunes in it while contemplating some First Central Mortgage Funding, or perhaps a singin' dancin' musical, we've got you covered. We know all the best ones, and even better, which ones you should look out for in the future both on DVD and in the theaters.

Watching a musical production from the comfort of your own home is a great option if you're ill or you just want to stay home and relax, but sometimes you want to get out there and experience the magic of a well-performed musical in person. If you own Toronto Beaches real estate, you're only a few blocks from the Entertainment District, which is where most of the action is happening. Broadway shows, plays, musicals, amateur productions, we've heard of them all. But don't worry, we won't keep the info to ourselves so we can snap up all the best tickets, we'll share with you. We're just that nice.

If the music makes you want to get up on your feet and play along, why not join an amateur theater group? Whatever your skills are, be it singing, playing instruments, acting, organizing, set painting, dancing, securing funding, lighting, advertising, or just helping people find their seats, there's room in amateur theater for everyone. So don't let music be something played on the stereo in your Richmond VA home, let it be something you do! If you're not sure where to start, we can point you in the direction of an existing group or help you form your own.

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